Statement on Racism 

It is the policy and practice of Connection Church Tampa Bay to stand against racism in all its forms. We are intentionally diverse and intentionally inclusive in membership and leadership.


As such we acknowledge that: 

1.  Racism is sin and must be repented of. Repentance is

contrition and change of behavior and without both is not true repentance;

2. Racism is not bigotry alone, but is systematic by design and as such must be dismantled by design;


3. The Responsibility to end racism lies with the oppressor and not the oppressed;

4. We Pledge our support for those who are actively working to dismantle racism, and reaffirm our own commitment to do so locally, regionally, and nationally;

5. We Pledge to actively learn, educate, and communicate

about racism, in all its forms, through the help of the

Spirit of God.