Meet Our Pastor

Rev. Steve Andrews

Leading our church to our next level is Rev. Steve Andrews. When we call, Pastor, he answers with a smile. He's more than just a pastor, he's a musician, a father, a husband, a leader and a friend. Pastor is is a musican, a Psalmist and a worshipper. He began at the age of 11 and at age 13, his love of music led to a musical career playing for several gospel groups.
His love of music birthed a musical thirst to do more, play more and so he emersed himself into different genres of gospel including the traditional church sounds which beckoned his love for southern gospel, contemporary gospel and urban gospel. He currently works with our Minister of Music developing a relevant music program for a progressive 21st century church.
Pastor began preaching at age 14 and has served in most if not all facets of church life. Whether it was directing Christian Education, Youth or Music departments or the Assistant, Associate, Senior and Lead Pastor, he's done it well and to the glory of God. His past service affords a wealth of experience and knowledge.
He graciously shares from his own life experiences as he preaches from the pulpit every Sunday morning. His preaching is Biblically based, relevant, topical and is a prophetic word for today's active and challenging world. When asked about his life in ministry, Pastor shared this, " has been an amazing journey. So many people have imparted into me their talents, giftings and ministries.
I am eternally grateful to each and every one of them. So many of them have walked with me and continue to walk with me now." He shares this final thought, "My desire is to be a voice for all people, bringing God's gift of Grace to everyone, with no strings attached. I invite you to Get Connected with us as we continue to move forward."