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The basics

Connection Church
Tampa Bay

The Vision

To be a lively, vibrant, cross cultural, multi-ethnic, radically inclusive expression of Connected Christian Community

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The Mission
Hands Up
We Believe


Connection Church Tampa Bay exist to move people from where they are to where God wants them to be, by creating a culture that always encourages people to take the “Next Step.”


Connection Church Tampa Bay strives to be the open arms of Christ to all people without distinction.  

We stand together for the purpose of building strong relationships with family and community through connected worship, connected fellowship and connected community.

We believe the Bible to be the written Word of God.

God is an eternal Spirit, infinite in power, holy in nature and indivisible in deity. Jesus is the Son of God, God with us, the expressed image of the Father, the fullness of God, the mediator between God and man. The Holy Ghost is God in us, the Comforter. God has revealed himself as Father in creation, as Son in Redemption and as the Holy Ghost in indwelling presence.

God created man innocent, pure and holy, but through the sin of disobedience, Adam fell; hence by one man's disobedience, sin entered into the world.

Redemption is for all and has been accomplished solely by the shed blood of our Lord Jesus Christ. Salvation is initiated by God and calls for our surrender and acceptance. God's grace is appropriated through faith in the death, burial and resurrection of our Savior, and is realized by our death (repentance), burial (baptism) and resurrection of a new life (Holy Ghost).
The Church is the Body of Christ in the earth and is responsible to declare the gospel of the love of God to the world. We hold fast to the spirit of unity, demonstrated by respecting the worth, dignity, freedom, and distinction of every individual.


The Church practices the ordinances of: Water Baptism in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ as part of the Christian initiation; Communion as a continuing remembrance of fellowship; the laying on of hands for the needs of the body; Holy Matrimony and Holy-Unions.
At a time known only to God, Jesus will return to earth. Individually we stand before our God to be judged. There is a heaven and a hell.

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Response to Systemic Racism
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It is the policy and practice of Connection Church Tampa Bay to stand against racism in all its forms. We are intentionally diverse and intentionally inclusive in membership and leadership. As such we acknowledge that: 

Racism is sin and must be repented  Repentance is contrition and change of behavior and without both is not true repentance;​


Racism is not bigotry alone, but is systematic by design and as such must be dismantled by design;


The Responsibility to end racism lies with the oppressor and not the oppressed;​


We Pledge our support for those who are actively working to dismantle racism, and reaffirm our own commitment to do so locally, regionally, and nationally;​


We Pledge to actively learn, educate, and communicate about racism, in all its forms, through the help of the Spirit of God.

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